Writing Updates 3 – Untamed Voices

Current wordcount: 9,106 words.

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After a two-week holiday, it was time to go back to work! And let me tell you, this first week of work was fairly busy on all counts, including the revising/rewriting of Untamed Voices.

I’ve come back from the holiday bouncing a few ideas in my mind and waiting to see if I could insert them into this text. Almost all of them concerned the world building and the way to give information to your reader without sounding like a history manual. Every fantasy writer has to deal with this particular topic. I’m sure you have already read tons of advice in this regard on the Web, but it won’t stop me from writing an article about it one of these days!

This week, I’ve mostly revised/rewritten my first chapters (yes, again!) thanks to the invaluable help of my CP (thanks again, Lucy!).

It gave me the opportunity to insert the ideas I had in mind, playing around with them and to consider the best way how to insert them. In the end, as for many things, it turned out the best way was the easiest one!

Revising what I’ve done until now, I also became aware that my word count was steadily increasing, which is both a good thing – every writer likes to see it going up – and a not so good one, since I’m only at the start of my story. Therefore, if I don’t want to give birth to another monster, I’m going to have to pay attention to it and monitoring it all chapter per chapter. Not going to be an easy task, folks…

In the meantime, let’s go for Chapter 4!


Writing Updates – Untamed Voices

So, after much reading, researching and outlining (ok, that one is half a lie, I’m rubbish at plotting in advance!), the great writing journey has started a week ago.

I’ve started a thread on Twitter, as you may have seen it but I think it’ll be nice to put down my notes in this regard here as well.

First of all, what’s Untamed Voices? A project which was on the back burner for some time, slowly evolving from hazy, vague ideas into something I can really work with. Of course, it just didn’t happen with a snap of my fingers. I did some research beforehand, starting with these books.


It’s a YA fantasy as well as a one-shot. Think Fangirl meets V for Vendetta and you’ll have a basic idea of what this novel is going to be about!

I’m not going to lie, the starting point was quite difficult since *obviously* it has been some time since I’ve written fiction in English. Besides, I’m working on another project (in French, this time) at the same time. It explains why I’m not going to write at a very quick pace!

That being said, I’m quite proud to have written a bit more than 4,000 words in a week and to have finished one chapter! At this stage, the excitement of starting a novel and finally meeting the characters you’ve dreamed about for so long hasn’t yet waned. Of course, I’m already in love with my two MCs (which doesn’t imply I’m going to spare them… on the contrary!)

As a bonus, I give you the #ThursdayAesthetic board of this week (devoted to the MC’s home) with a little excerpt!

 “Stuart loved his castle with all his heart, and it was in moments like these that its beauty shone the most. High, thick walls whose pale bricks glowed red and orange with the sunset lights; Sturdy wooden doors firmly closed and bolted…”