A small break in my ongoing series, but I think it’ll be a shame to let those beautiful (at least in my eyes) and painstakingly (and painfully!) created boards go to waste!

For those who don’t know yet what #ThursdayAesthetic is, it is a weekly feast on Twitter. The principle is quite simple – every week, you get to pick up pics/visual creations/other and collect them in a lovely board to better illustrate your WIP – according to the week’s theme, of course!

More information here

This week, the theme was Yesterday – devoted to old WIPs, manuscripts you’ve left in your drawers or on your hard drive.

I admit I cheated a little bit as I decided to illustrate my novels previously published. See below for the results!

The Trespassers


The Moon is Ours


What do you think?

Even if you’re not a fan of Pinterest and similar websites, I do encourage you though to discover the beautiful boards (and the intriguing pitches which go with them) of #ThursdayAesthetic. You’re in for a treat πŸ™‚