🇫🇷 Les Outrepasseurs/The Trespassers

Series of four books/YA/Fantasy/Published from 2014 to 2017 by Gulf Stream Editeur



“Swear allegiance to me and I will protect you. All of us will. 

– Us?

– The Trespassers. All who bear the Mark. Look at these young people. They are your only family now. You will fight together. (He lowered his voice). Our enemies will never stop. Faes have been hunting us for eight centuries. An eternity for us. The blink of an eye for them. “

Peter, an ordinary teenager, barely escapes an attack with his life only to find out that he was the target of the assault. Taken to Lion House, the residence of one mysterious Noble, he meets members of a secret society, the Trespassers. Their revelations will alter the course of his life.