Writing Updates 2 – Untamed Voices

Week 2

Wordcount at the moment: 7500w

Chapters done: 3

State of mind:

Mood of the week


In fact, I’ve written WAY more than this. It just doesn’t appear because I’ve been busy rewriting my second chapter and the first one where my second MC – there’s two of them – appears. Getting the first draft of this chapter done wasn’t really a hardship, but rereading it (because I never start another writing session without reading first what I’ve done previously, it’s just a habit), I could tell something didn’t really work out. And when I get this niggling little voice in my head – happens quite often when I’m drafting, to be honest – I can’t go on.

So I went back to see what was the problem. I made a few changes to this chapter, but I still wasn’t satisfied. The answer finally appeared after a good swimming session – when in doubt, put your work aside and do something else, always a good recipe!

The problem was that I unconsciously saw this MC as a bit older than intended and it simply showed on the page. It can a right problem when writing a YA novel!

That’s just not on, the Doctor says

On the plus side, I was browsing the wish-lists of 2018 Pitch Wars Mentors – of course, I can’t take part in it for several reasons, but it doesn’t stop me from getting curious – and it really got me thinking about the universe I’ve created and the people in it. How they have their own culture, their own traditions and how interesting it can be to mix them all together, without of course writing a thesis about it (not the point of any fantasy novel!).

That’s all for this week… and the next two weeks, as I’m (finally!) on holiday. See you in September, folks!


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